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Your size, in seconds

Our advanced size recommendation solution can detect an individual's body size using just two photos taken with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Within seconds, we can provide an accurate suggestion for choosing the ideal size.


Giovane donna sorridente che tiene in mano uno smartphone, mostrando il successo nell'ottenere un suggerimento di taglia preciso dall'applicazione Mody

Multi-device experience

Integration 👌

Icona Condivisione dei Dati

Data Sharing

Sizing and fit information can be shared with our platform in a flexible way, using the format preferred by the brand or through direct integration with measurement and development management systems.

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Integrate our library into your e-commerce testing to effectively test and validate the functionality of our size recommendation service. Ensure the service is in harmony with your store, delivering an optimal experience for your customers and enabling a smooth implementation.

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Introducing our new MXF service. Reduce the cost of returns and related CO2 emissions, increase conversions, and enhance the shopping experience.

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Why choose MXF❓

Reduce returns

Integrate MXF into your e-commerce and start reducing the cost of returns. With our advanced size recommendation technology, we offer your customers a personalized solution to choose the perfect size. By leveraging precise data and algorithms, MXF significantly reduces the number of items returned due to sizing issues, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces the costs associated with returns.

Icona Riduci i Resi

Increase conversion

Our technology provides site visitors with personalized size suggestions based on their body measurements, increasing confidence in their purchase decisions and prompting them to complete the transaction. MXF enhances the user experience by offering a simple and user-friendly size selection process, making the buying process more enjoyable and engaging. By taking the guesswork out of sizing, we can reduce the abandoned cart rate and improve conversion rates.

Icona Aumenta la Conversione

Enhance the shopping experience

MXF's accuracy and ease of use greatly enhance the user experience, providing a simple and engaging size selection process. This, in turn, encourages customers to complete their purchase and return in the future, contributing to their loyalty and helping to build solid and lasting relationships with your brand.

Icona Valorizza l'Esperienza di Acquisto

Data analysis 🧐

Icona Produzione


Improve the fit of your garments by knowing the body size of your customers.

Icona Magazzino


Optimize warehouse stock management by improving product availability and reducing waste and associated costs.

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Better manage the procurement of your physical stores based on the sizes of your customers in different geographical areas.

Icona Marketing


Targetedly inform only customers who can wear the last available sizes of specific garments. MXF enables you to optimize marketing spend and increase the value of the shopping experience.

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