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The perfect fit for success in your work 🧑‍🏭

Discover the comfort of measuring yourself from home with MXU. Easily find the ideal size and perfect fit for your uniform or workwear, and enjoy an innovative, personalized, and stress-free shopping experience for professional clothing.

Uomo soddisfatto che mostra il risultato della sua taglia sul tablet tramite l'applicazione MXU, evidenziando la facilità di utilizzo e l'accuratezza della scelta della taglia per abbigliamento professionale
Il tuo sarto

Your tailor at your 🖐️

Integration 👌

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Data sharing

The sharing of sizing and fit information on our platform is done in a flexible manner, either in the preferred format of the brand or through direct integration with their measurement and development management systems.


1 day


App development

We can develop a customized app to be shared with customers, either as a web application or a native application, depending on the brand's needs. The app is compatible with all devices and can suggest the best fit for the user within seconds.


7 days



Launch of the new MXU service. Start reducing the cost of returns and related CO2 emissions. Speed up the sales process and retain your customers.


1 day

Why choose MXU❓

Reduce returns

MXU is revolutionizing workwear purchasing by connecting manufacturers and companies with a remote measurement service. With MXU, employees can conveniently get precise measurements, while manufacturers can send the ideal size to organizations. The result? Returns are minimized due to the precise selection of sizes, ensuring guaranteed satisfaction for both employees and the companies involved.


Speed up the sales process

MXU speeds up the workwear sales process by taking the guesswork out of sizing. Thanks to our remote measurement service, employees can easily get precise measurements, enabling manufacturers to quickly send the perfect garments to companies. This efficient and accurate flow reduces the time spent selecting, comparing, and managing sizes, allowing organizations to focus on their core business.


Engage customers

MXU strengthens the relationship between client companies and workwear manufacturers by offering an accurate and efficient remote measurement service. This service makes it easier to send perfectly fitting garments to employees, increasing customer satisfaction and the perception of added value. Additionally, the reduction in returns and size management times translates into time and resource savings for client companies.


Data analysis 🧐



Improve garment fit by knowing your customers' body dimensions.



The data collected through our measurement service allows you to better predict demand for specific sizes and models, enabling more efficient inventory management and reducing costs associated with excess or insufficient inventory.



Body measurement information can be used to offer tailored products and introduce new sizes and designs that best suit customers' needs.

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