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We are changing the 🌍,
one size at a time


*weekly update

correct size suggestions based on our users' body dimensions


Your shapes, your fit 🫵

Our body scanning technology enables us to measure a person's size using just two simple photos taken with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Persona che utilizza la tecnologia di size recommendation di Mody per la scansione del corpo

Easy and fast

Schermata dell'applicazione Mody che richiede l'inserimento di dati relativi a altezza e peso per la raccomandazione della taglia

01. Get started 🚀

Enter your height and weight. This information will help us calculate your body size and provide you with an accurate size recommendation

Posa laterale di una persona per la scansione corporea tramite la tecnologia di raccomandazione taglia
Posa frontale di una persona per la scansione corporea tramite la tecnologia di raccomandazione taglia

02. Shoot 📸

Take a front and side photo using the camera of your smartphone. You can ask a friend for help or do it yourself.

Schermata dell'applicazione Mody che mostra un capo d'abbigliamento selezionato con la taglia consigliata a seguito della scansione corporea dell'utente

03. Find your size 👗

After processing the images, we can provide a size recommendation based on your body size in less than five seconds.

Partner 🤝

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Why Mody❓


Our advanced artificial intelligence enables our technology to accurately detect up to ten body dimensions without requiring a specific distance from the smartphone or a particular background, making the process simple and intuitive.

Icona di Accuratezza


With our innovative mobile body measurement software, you can detect the user's size in less than five seconds, making it the fastest measurement solution available on the market.

Icona di Velocità


Mody x Fashion is the size recommendation service developed for clothing brands. We suggest the right size to your customers in just a few seconds.

Modello utilizzando la tecnologia di raccomandazione taglia MXF di Mody


Mody x Uniforms is a customized solution for industry uniforms and workwear. We can accurately detect the body dimensions of operators from the comfort of their own homes.

Modello utilizzando la tecnologia di raccomandazione taglia MXU di Mody

You love the service, you love the environment 🌱

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